6-week Ayurvedic Wellness Course

Starts Mon 20th Jan for 6 weeks

7pm - 9pm


Our unique 6-week Optimal Wellness programme offers you an intensive immersion course into Ayurveda and how to use this timeless 5000 year old system of medicine to optimise physical, psychological and emotional health and wellbeing. 


Ayurveda is a complete way of life that allows for a heightened state of health and wellbeing.  It is prevention-oriented, free from harmful side-effects and identifies and addresses the root cause of ill-health rather than just the symptoms.  Ayurveda views illness as caused by an imbalance in a person’s physical or mental constitution and therefore seeks to gently bring a person’s body back into healthy balance.  Because of this, Ayurveda is not just for people who are ill but also for healthy individuals looking to maintain longevity and good health.


Over the duration of our 6-week Optimal Wellness course, made up of one 2-hour session per week, you will:


  • Receive a comprehensive overview of Ayurvedic medicine and its fundamental principles.

  • Learn how to determine your own unique genetic mind-body constitution and how to use this knowledge to manage illness and boost health, wellbeing, vitality and energy.

  • Learn the secrets of Ayurvedic nutrition and why eating the Ayurvedic way is the most effective approach for sustainable long term weight loss.

  • Develop an Ayurvedic dietary plan unique to you which will show you what foods to eat, what foods to avoid and why.

  • Learn how to maximise your daily routines to boost energy and vitality

  • Learn the importance of massage in Ayurveda as a means of maintaining optimal long term health through improving immune function, lymph flow, circulation and speeding up the removal of harmful toxins from the body.

  • Learn how to perform daily Abhyanga (self-massage) using potent medicated Ayurvedic oils designed specifically for your unique mind-body constitution.

  • Learn the fundamental role that meditation plays in Ayurvedic medicine as a means of optimising both physical and emotional wellbeing and practice a variety of simple and easy to learn Ayurvedic meditation techniques

  • Learn about Ayurvedic supplements that can be used to promote optimal long term health, how to use essential oils and how to use Marma points (similar to acupuncture points) to alleviate common complaints such as headache, back ache, coughs, sinusitis, stress etc.


WHEN: 20th, 27th Jan 

3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th Feb 2020 at 7pm.


WHERE: Downview Hall, East Wittering, PO20 8NS

COST: £80 per person


HOW TO BOOK: Please purchase a place via our SHOP or call 01243 696657