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With our caring, empathetic and professional approach we offer an exciting range of services for those wishing to improve and optimise their health, wellbeing and vitality. Whether you book a private consultation to help manage a persistent health problem or decide to kick-start your health through one of our courses, we guarantee that you will receive the highest level of care, support and professionalism.

Dr Sam Watts


MCMA, Dip.Ayu, MSc, BSc (Hons), PhD



Sam has a thriving Ayurvedic practice in West Sussex which was a natural progression for him after working in cancer research at Southampton Hospital and at the Department of Primary Care at the University of Southampton, for a number of years, where he completed his PhD.

His research interests focused on developing and implementing survivorship initiatives in the field of oncology where he led research projects in prostate and ovarian cancer at a number of hospitals in the South. Seeing the success of integrated medicine first hand within oncology, Sam has since dedicated his career to helping 100's of patients with chronic illnesses regain their health.


Sam has completed his clinical training in Ayurvedic Medicine which he now practices in private practice. Sam specialises in preventative medicine and the holistic management of chronic health conditions that conventional medicine alone is often ineffective at managing.

Sam has published numerous research papers relating to integrative medicine and has presented his work at internationally acclaimed medical conferences and continues to share his passion for integrated medicine through seminar, training and his practice.

Holly Watts

Practice Manager

Holly Watts is our practice manager, who oversees the running of our clinic and shop and coordinates our events and courses. Holly is also a passionate wholefoods cook.


She wholeheartedly believes that good food has the power to heal and has used her knowledge of medicinal cooking to develop a plethora of recipes that are free of processed sugars, flours and are maximised to be nutrient dense and delicious.