Ayurvedic Therapist Course

Professionally Accredited Diploma Course



November/December 2018 



Ayurveda is becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular forms of complementary medicine in the UK as more and more people learn of the positive impacts this system of healing can have upon their lives.



With a failing NHS and inaccessible GP services, the uptake and utilisation of complementary health care across the UK is at an all-time high and is predicted to increase drastically over the coming decade.



As a result, there has never been a better time to forge a career in this industry.


Mind-Body Medical is incredibly excited to announce the release of our Ayurvedic Therapist diploma course. This professionally accredited diploma course provides a fast-track route of entry for those wishing to practice as professional Ayurvedic Therapists of those wishing to integrate the full spectrum of Ayurvedic physical treatments and massage therapies into their existing clinical practice.



This course has been externally reviewed and accredited by the prestigious Complimentary Medical Association (CMA) and has been designed to develop fully qualified, knowledgeable, safe and professional graduates who have the required skills to develop a successful practice as an Ayurvedic Therapist. This could involve developing your own private practice, running integrated health clinics, working in the spa industry, the development of Ayurvedic health products and related industries, research and teaching.



As more and more people across the UK turn to Ayurveda to help manage their ongoing health issues and to guide them onto a path to optimal health, there is a distinct shortage of suitably qualified therapists to meet this demand. Successfully graduating from our fully accredited diploma course will ensure that you have all you need to successfully fill this shortage and in doing so develop a long-term career that is rewarding, stimulating, and has the potential to be financially lucrative.



  • Graduate as a fully qualified and CMA accredited Ayurvedic Therapist

  • Eligibility to obtain insurance to practice

  • A fully vocational course that will prepare you for all aspects of practice

  • A synergistic mix of theory and practical training

  • Fully accredited by the prestigious Complementary Medical Association (CMA), the UK’s leading and most powerful professional body representing complimentary health practitioners.

  • Gain trade accounts with Mind-Body Medical to purchase discounted prices on a wide range of Ayurvedic herbs, massage oils and medicated Ayurvedic oils



Course Dates:

November 26th, 27th, 28th, 29, 30th and December 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th 2018.

EXAM DATE – Friday, Feb 1st, 2019




Cobnor Activity Centre, Cobnor Point, Chidham, Chidham, West Sussex, PO188TE

Details on how to find the location are here ( https://www.cobnor.com/contact-us )


Course Cost:

Early Bird (If booked before 30th June 2018) :£999

Standard Rate (If booked after 30th June 2018) :£1199


Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone if you would like to discuss the course in person.