Bringing Mindfulness into your Business


There is no better, quicker or more effective way of managing stress and developing a state of deep-seated calm and centeredness than mindfulness meditation.


Such are the benefits of mindfulness meditation that cutting edge global companies such as Google, Microsoft and Virgin now offer structured mindfulness programmes to all current and new employees as part of their employment package.


Mindfulness meditation is a non-religious and Westernised form of meditation that aims to ground individuals in the present moment in an accepting and non-judgemental way.


Hundreds of peer reviewed medical journal articles conclusively highlight the benefits of regular mindfulness meditation which include:


  • Reduced levels of stress and burnout

  • Reduced levels of anxiety and depression

  • A more effective immune system

  • Reduced number of sick days per year

  • Increased cognitive performance

  • Enhanced sense of wellbeing and happiness

  • Greater levels of gratitude and life satisfaction



With the correct instruction, mindfulness meditation is easy to learn, easy to practice and can make a big difference very quickly.


We offer 3 different methods of introducing and integrating mindfulness meditation to your workforce:


1. Free lunchtime introductory session


Not sure what mindfulness meditation is all about? Not sure if it is right for your company or how your staff will receive it? Then sign up for a completely free, no obligation 45 minute introductory sessions.


We will come to your office, give a 20 minute introduction to stress, burnout and mindfulness meditation before delivering a 20 minute mindful breathing meditation exercise after which there will be a few minutes for any questions.


If you don’t think it is for you or your company, then you can just think of it as a learning experience. If however, you see benefit in it and think it can positively impact upon the health and wellbeing of your workforce and company, then we have two further courses available:


2. Three hour meditation and stress management workshops


This course will provide your workforce with a detailed introduction to a variety of meditation techniques and the ways they can be used to manage stress, anxiety and burnout.


The session commences with an introductory discussion about stress, how it impacts upon health and wellbeing and how it can be effectively managed.


We will then overview a selection of different meditation technqiues that will ensure that everyone in attendance finds an approach that works best for them.


All attendees also receive a guided meditation CD that they can use to sustain their practice into the future.


This course can be viewed as a one off event or can be scheduled in a rolling basis, commonly one 3-hour course every 4-months which helps to keep the momentum going.


3. 6-week introduction to meditation


This 6-week programme will provide your workforce with a comprehensive introduction to the practice of therapeutic meditation that will allow them to develop, maintain and feel comfortable sustaining your own practice after the completion of the course.


Over the 6-weeks you will learn


  • Week 1: The science behind the health benefits obtained through meditation and an introduction to breathing meditation.

  • Week 2: Guidelines for enhancing practice and mantra meditation

  • Week 3: Alpha and beta brainwaves and music meditation

  • Week 4: Developing and using affirmation meditations

  • Week 5: Ayurvedic meditation – using natural objects

  • Week 6: Meditating and daily life – meditation on the go


This course comes with a comprehensive supporting workbook and guided CDs for each of the techniques learnt. Each session lasts for 2-hours.


The 6-week duration of this course helps to build continuity and commitment and will ensure that meditation, and the benefits inherent to it, become ingrained into the fabric of your company, offering a new level of employee health and wellbeing.


To discuss your requirements or to book one of the above options, please complete the box below: