6-Week Evidence-Based Online Cancer Survivorship Programme

Thurs 14th Nov - 9:30am

Thurs 21st Nov - 9:30am

Wed 27th Nov - 9:30am

Thurs 5th Dec - 9:30am

Thurs 12th Dec - 9:30am 

Thurs 19th Dec - 9:30am 

The Online Cancer Survivorship Programme provides an evidence-based, structured and progressive programme of self-care techniques that will allow you to better manage the unique psychological, physical and emotional side effects of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survival from the comfort of your own home.

This course is ideal for those looking to support conventional treatments or those who are interesting in learning self-care techniques to help them before, during or after treatment.

The following areas will be covered throughout the duration of the programme:

  • Learn how to identify and managing stress

  • Learn how to identify negative thought processes

  • Learning how to deeply relax both the body and mind utilising approaches such as mindfulness-based meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Develop quick, easy and proven techniques to manage stress, anxiety and fear in clinical settings such as during treatment, before and during doctor’s appointments and undertaking scans.

  • Learn how to develop positive affirmations.

  • Learn the importance of goal setting.

  • Learn the techniques of guided mental imagery as a tool to induce both a state of deep relaxation and as a tool to help boost the effectiveness of your immune system, a vital tool in your body’s ability to fight cancer.

  • Learn the science behind the proven anti-cancer diet, over viewing how to adopt and integrate a powerfully health promoting diet into your daily life

  • Overview the importance of physical activity in cancer recovery 

  • Overview and discuss the role of vitamin, mineral and herbal medicine supplementation as part of an optimal cancer survivorship protocol


Drawing on the latest research, the aim of this course is to equip you with evidence-based skills, tools, techniques and knowledge that will allow you to take a proactive role in the management of your long-term survival.
The course is delivered online via the Zoom platform and includes nutritional and supplementation guides, and supporting electronic handouts.

We will be hosting these sessions via ZOOM which is online meeting and webinar platform. Zoom can be used via a computer or also as an app on a smartphone or tablet. It's simple to use and will allow you to view Sam as well as ask questions (via video and/or audio). 


After purchase you will be given a link where you can download the instructions for joining the call, and meeting ID that you will need. This will also be emailed to you (link lasts 30 days).




Online Course - via Zoom

COST: £50


TIME: 9:30 - 11:30am 

BOOKING: Please book online via our SHOP page