4-Week Treatment Package for cleansing and detoxifying

This powerful 4-week programme is based around the cleansing and detoxifying principles of Ayurveda that aims to:

  • Rid the body from accumulated dietary and environmental toxins

  • Optimise digestive function

  • Increase nutrient assimilation

  • Reduce body fat

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Leave you feeling great!

Unlike many detoxes, this approach is not just about cleansing and weight loss. Rather, it focuses on the “whole” you and aims to optimise health, wellbeing, vitality and energy in the broadest sense.

The 4-week package includes:

  • A 60 minute consultation with Dr Sam Watts to assess your current health and your motivation, aims and objectives for undertaking the programme.

  • 4 x 60-minute Ayurvedic physical treatments over a 4-week period which are structured to cleanse, detoxify, strengthen and rejuvenate both body and mind and include:

  • Week 1: Nabhi Abhyanga – to detoxify, cleanse and regulate the digestive system

  • Week 2: Udvartana Abhyanga – to detoxify the whole body using medicated herbs

  • Week 3: Marma Abhyanga – the strengthen and energise

  • Week 4: Prista Abhyanga – the rejuvenate, nourish and revitalise

  • One month’s supply of Ayurvedic herbal prescriptions to facilitate the effective detoxification of the body*

  • One month’s supply of Ayurvedic herbal prescriptions to optimise digestive capacity*

  • One month’s supply of Ayurvedic herbal prescriptions to rejuvenate body and mind and increase energy, immunity, vitality and wellbeing*

  • A written health optimisation protocol that overviews a variety of Ayurvedic lifestyle approaches that are to be completed at home during the 4-week programme

  • Medicated herbal oils for home use


£290 per person, per package  (offering a saving of over £100 compared to the cost of the above if each component was booked separately).

Terms and Conditions:

 *Ayurvedic herbal prescriptions are customised to each individual and in some cases will not be applicable if you are taking certain prescription medication.

Appointments will need to take place across 4 consecutive weeks, so there may be a slight wait time before your first treatment.

Treatments are not transferable, and appointments are made in accordance with our standard terms and conditions. 


COST: £290 Per Person (including VAT)

BOOKING: Please contact us to book your package.