Cookery Classes  

with Holly

For so many of us kitchen is the heart of the home, and  meal times are the foundation of our routine, family times and our health. During these 

 hands-on cooking classes we will be sharing with you an insight into some of our favourite recipes and creations that are health promoting, nutrient dense and most importantly nutritious! The classes will take place in a school food tech-kitchen so it will be a hands-on experience with individual cooking stations. 


We look forward to welcoming you to our cooking classes where you will get to muck-in and get creating. 


Sat Oct 21st 2017 

Ayurvedic Cooking

During this session we'll show you how you can tweak some classic dishes to suit your Ayurvedic dosha. For some of us integrating Ayurvedic principals into your diet can be overwhelming, however we'll be demonstrating how simple it can be to balance your body. During this course we will make one breakfast, one sweet treat and one main course that combine great tasting food, and Ayurveda.

Time - 2 - 4:30 pm 

Cost - £55 per person 

Location - Ormiston Six Village Academy, Westergate

Pre-requisites - Knowledge of your Ayurvedic dosha is recommended. 



Sat Nov 18th 2017

Sugar Free Baking 

Love cake, hate sugar? Us too! This weeks session is one for the sweet tooth. If you fancy adding some guilt-free cakes and biscuits to your repertoire then come along and join us for a insight into sugar-free baking using balanced alternatives.

Time - 2-4:30pm 

Cost - £55 per person

Location - Ormiston Six Village Academy, Westergate