Cooking Against Cancer

How to use food as medicine


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Diet and nutrition play a fundamental role in the way in which our bodies respond to and recover from cancer and its treatment. Learn how to optimise your diet with practical demonstrations and tasters during this one day developed specifically for cancer patients who are interested in taking a proactive role in their recovery, by using food as medicine. This course is ideal for anyone who is looking to prevent cancer, or those with cancer, who would like to take a proactive role in their health. 


During this one day course you will:


Learn the science behind the anti-cancer diet

Learn which foods interact with cancer cells at the cellular level to help:

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Promote cancer cell death

  • Prevent cancer cells developing new blood vessels

  • Reduce blood sugar levels that cancer cells need for energy and growth

  • Boost the effectiveness of the immune system


Learn the best anti-cancer cooking methods with cooking demonstrations where you will get to see and taste some anti-cancer meals.

Receive a comprehensive e-cookbook and e-workbook overviewing the day.

Free ongoing advice and support after the completion of the course


The course is interactive and informative. We use a combination of teaching methods, including presentations, exercises as well as practical elements where attendees will get to sample and try out different anti-cancer foods. After a morning of learning, you will be involved in making a delicious anti-cancer lunch.


The Cooking Against Cancer Course will be facilitated by Sam Watts, Director of Mind-Body Medical and expert researching into complementary cancer care, and Holly Adby, an experienced cook on simple and easy anti-cancer family meals that are healthy and nutritious.


All of our courses are presented in an informal environment with advice that is practical and easy to implement into your lifestyle.


Cost: The fee for this one-day event will be £50 OR £90 for 2 people. This will include all ingredients, information, instruction, course workbook, tasters and refreshments and full ongoing support after the completion of the course. Bookings can be made online or please call us on 01243 629 649 to book. 



 Here's some feedback we have had on this course: 


'I was blown away with the content of the course. Sam's presentation on the science behind the theory was amazing. So informative, easy to follow. In relation to my own experience with cancer and my current situation ( my younger brother has been diagnosed with a grade three brain Tumor), I came away with so much hope. I'm so looking forward to sorting out my larder and putting some of your plans into action.' Carmel Howard, Cooking Against Cancer Course Feedback.



'It was such a sheer delight to be at the Cooking Against Cancer course on Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent with you both what an informative and enjoyable day - Thank you both so much.......' Gail Harbers, Cooking Against Cancer Course Feedback.



'Thank you so much for a fantastic course yesterday. I don't really know where to start on what an impact it has made on me! It was immensely refreshing to have Sam, a medical professional, share this information because, despite the very good care I have received during my surgery and treatment, this area seems to be completely overlooked and dare I say dismissed. Here's hoping that this information will be readily available to cancer patients in the near future. 

The practical element of the course was fantastic too. Having the delicious lunch and trying out a variety of recipes has given me the confidence to try them out at home and adapt existing recipes that I enjoy cooking to give them an anti-cancer boost. I have every confidence that I will be able to put into practice all that I learnt on the course and that it will not only benefit me but my daughter and husband too.'

Lizzie McKenzie, Cooking Against Cancer Course Feedbac







WHERE: Westbourne Parish Hall,  PO108 UL

TIME: 10:30-4:30


BOOKING: via the shop page