Welcome to the Sugar Escape Week!

Join now for a step-by-step guide to escaping sugar with scrumptious recipes delivered alongside simple meal plans , shopping lists and a whole load of inspiration to quit sugar and feel awesome. 

It's completely free, so what are you waiting for?


What is the Sugar Escape Week?

The Sugar Escape Week is a virtual meal planning group with a focus on health and sustainability. It's about being the very best version of yourself, and demonstrating how good wholesome food can positively influence every area of your life. This week has been designed to cut sugar from your diet, as time and time again we see the detrimental effects that sugar can have on both people’s physical health, and also their emotional balance. The Sugar Escape Week is for anyone wanting to improve their health and make nutrition a priority in their life. We know it can be overwhelming to prioritise your diet, so we have done all the hard work for you!! The plan is also ideal for our Ayurvedic clientele and those affected by cancer - we don’t want to give the diet too much of a label, as it’s essentially just good food! You can’t really go wrong!

With a sprinkling of Ayurveda and a whole lot of flavour we are going to show you just how awesome a sugar free world can be, both for your taste buds and for your health. ​

Join the group and you will receive the following absolutely free:​

  • A detailed shopping list

  • A 7 day meal plan with recipes and instructions

  • A link to join a Facebook group which is a vital part of the week.

  • From the facebook group you will be able to view videos throughout the week, ask questions and join in discussions with other members. 

  • Email support throughout the week with advice and information.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Mind Body Medical Sugar Escape Week!