Corporate Wellness



"At the end of the day, your staff are your biggest asset. Look after them properly, ensure they stay fit, healthy, motivated and resilient and they will take your business a very, very long way. Neglect them and you risk a fragmented, burnout and unmotivated workforce which will be largely ineffective. Even with the best business concept in the world, with the latter you will never get far"

Sir Richard Branson


What Do We Offer: We offer a unique and exciting range of corporate health and wellbeing services that aim to empower your workforce with the knowledge that will:


  1. Allow them to effectively and proactively manage their own physical, psychological and emotional health and wellbeing

  2. Boost staff productivity, morale and motivation and reduce workplace stress, burnout and absenteeism.


How Do We Offer it: We offer a selection of corporate health and wellness services that range from free introductory sessions to short interactive "lunch-time learning" workshops all the way through to 4-6 week health packages. More information about the services we offer can be seen via the tabs below.


What Are The Benefits: Businesses engaging in workplace wellness services see reductions in staff illness and absenteeism, increased productivity, increased staff morale and enhanced health and wellbeing.


All of our workplace wellness services offer quantifiable measures of impact that assess change in mental and physical wellbeing. Our findings show that staff utilising our services experience reduced stress levels, lower levels of anxiety and depression, enhanced vitality and an increased sense of wellbeing


Why Is This Important: Today’s workforce has never experienced the level of stress, anxiety and burnout that it is currently experiencing. Last year, businesses in the UK lost over £530 million due to reduced productivity and absenteeism as a direct result of stress and burnout. Our wellness services offer your business a quick, simple and effective way of combating this risk.


To help companies integrate the benefits of work-based wellbeing into their workforce, we offer four unique options:






Mindfulness Meditation:

Bringing Mindfulness into Your Business







Wellbeing Days 










4-Week Corporate Wellness Package