Mind-Body Medical's Corporate Wellness Month



Our Corporate Wellness Month offers your business the ultimate corporate health and wellness package.


Over the course of one 2-hour group session every week for a month, we will introduce a powerful wellness model that will equip your workforce with a variety of proven and quantifiable self-care tools and techniques that will boost resiliency, vitality, health and wellbeing.


Our wellness model is grounded in the most recent integrative health research and addresses the four primary components of optimal health:


Week 1 - Stress, Resiliency and Burnout: Evidence suggests that around 80% of workplace absenteeism in the UK is directly attributed to stress and stress related conditions. But more than that, chronic stress also lowers productivity, reduces quality of life and vitality and creates a fractured and dissatisfied workforce. Long term stress also commonly leads to burnout and myriad chronic health conditions that can go on to substantially weaken and deplete your staff. The first session of our integrated wellness model focuses on learning two evidence based stress reduction techniques that help to effectively lower stress and boost resiliency. Ongoing learning support is then offered by a variety of on-site and remote email "top-up" sessions that will ensure that these effective stress management techniques are fully embedded.


Week 2 – Nutrition and Diet: In the fast paced world we live and work in, our culture favours quick and easy and this applies heavily to the food we eat. Evidence suggests that more than 65% adults in the UK fail to consume over 3 portions of fruit and vegetable a day and are deficient in almost all of the essential mineral and vitamins. The consequence of this is a weakened immune system, a greater susceptibility to illness and infection, fatigue and depression. Yet eating a well-rounded and inclusive diet doesn’t have to be either difficult or time consuming. During this session we will overview the fundamental components needed to supercharge our diets to boost health and wellbeing, looking specifically at the growing selection of “super-foods” that have been shown to enhance immune strength, protect against cardiovascular diases and many forms of cancer and boost energy and vitality. This session will also include a practical introduction to therapeutic blending to show how just one simple super-food smoothie a day can be enough to provide almost all of our vitamin and mineral requirements. As part of our integrated Wellness Month , we also supply a unique selection of  super-food, sugar free, health boosting snacks and juices that we courier directly to your offices, ensuring ongoing nutritional support.  


Week 3 – Exercise: When we look at the research differentiating those who enjoy good health and quality of life during their working life with those who don’t, the one common denominator is the number of hours of physical activity undertaken by the former in comparison to the latter. It is now unequivocal that increasing our physical activity levels enhances physical and psychological health. For example, regular exercise has been linked to a lower incidence of heart attack and cardiovascular disease, a lower prevalence of cancer, a reduced chance of degenerative cognitive conditions such as Altzimers disease, enhanced energy and vitality and a reduced incidence of depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, for many people the word “exercise” conjures up thoughts of slaving away on the treadmill or lifting heavy weights. Fortunately, this if far from the reality and modern sport medicine research has shown less is often more when it comes to exercising for health. During this session we will overview the different components underpinning true health and fitness, learn how to make exercise work for you in your busy work schedule, consider the importance of exercise in releasing muscle tightness and improving posture from all those hours sat in front of a computer and understand how to balance the right types of exercise with the appropriate amount of rest to enjoy high levels of health, fitness and performance at work.


Week 4 – Enhancing Energy for Work and Life: Underpinning the concept of health and wellbeing is energy. When we are tired, fatigued and stressed, the very first thing we notice is a lack of energy, both mentally and physically. Everything can feel like a struggle and both our work and personal lives suffer. Conversely, when we have abounding energy, when we wake up in the morning refreshed and energized and finish work still feeling vital with enough energy for post-work activity, this leads to enhanced wellness, quality of life and a healthy work-life balance. During this session we will learn what energy is, how to mobilise it and how to bring together all that we have learnt in the previous 3 weeks – stress, diet and exercise – to create a personalised daily health routine, using the science of the ultradian rhythms, to create an abundance of energy throughout each and every day.


A key component of any health promotion package is the quantification of outcome success. To facilitate this process, our Integrated Wellness Month programme begins with all attendees completing a series of validated questionnaire that will provide a detailed assessment of quality of life, stress, resiliency, exercise patterns and dietary behaviours prior to starting the course. All attendees with the recomplete the assessments after the completion of the course and again 6-months later (electronically). The longitudinal assessment of these questionnaires will allow us to compute changes and chart improvements in a wide variety of health and wellbeing markers.


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