Double-Detox: the path to optimal health


Double-Detox: Start 2016 on the road to health and spend a unique day learning how to optimise your physical and emotional wellbeing



To develop optimal health and wellbeing, it is essential that we address both our physical and emotional selves.


If we are physically fit and healthy but emotional drained, we experience stress, anxiety, unhappiness and depression. If we are emotionally fit but physically unwell, we experience repeated colds and flus, a lack of energy and even chronic disease.


But if we address both our physical and emotional health, we give ourselves the best possible chance of developing and sustaining optimal health and wellbeing.


Fusing a unique mix of conventional Western nutritional medicine and traditional Eastern Ayurvedic medicine, this practical one day course will provide you will the knowledge, practical experience and resources to allow you to manage and optimise both you physical and emotional health.


Delivered by Dr Sam Watts, this unique day consists of two key components. In the morning we will be focusing on nutrition and how to use food as medicine to enhance physical health and wellbeing and lower our risk of developing chronic disease and illness. We will be focusing in particular on the use of therapeutic juices and smoothies as a means of maintaining optimal health and there will be a comprehensive practical making and tasting session. Each attendee will also receive a full course workbook and recipe guide overviewing everything covered during the day.


After a healthy whole food lunch we will focus on the use of a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques as a means of optimising emotional health and wellbeing. We will look at the latest ground-breaking research showing how regular meditation is effective at lowering stress and anxiety, managing depression, helping with insomnia whilst boosting calmness, happiness and relaxation. We will practice a variety of techniques, drawing on both Western mindfulness meditation approaches and traditional Ayurvedic mantra and affirmation based meditations.


Over the duration of this full day practical course you will:


  • Learn the role that food plays in maintaining optimal health and wellbeing

  • Learn how to use food as medicine

  • Learn what foods groups to avoid and what food groups to eat and why

  • Learn how to prepare and make a variety of different health boosting breakfast, lunch and dinner smoothies

  • Learn how to make smoothies to address immune health, detoxification, cold and flu prevention, reduce inflammation and boost energy levels

  • Receive a comprehensive smoothie planner, ingredient list and recipe book

  • Learn how to meditate deeply and relax fully

  • Develop a sustainable meditation and relaxation practice

  • Learn how to use meditation to manage stess, anxiety and depression.

  • Understand how meditation improves happiness, contentment and wellbeing


By then end of this special one-day event, you will have the confidence and knowledge to make 2016 your healthiest year yet as you embark on a journey to a renewed and re-vitalised state of health.









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