Getting Older Without Aging 

April 1st and 2nd 2020

Chidham, near Chichester

An extended 2-day workshop into the science of conscious aging that fuses together cutting edge Western science, Ayurveda and consciousness based research


The concept of human aging is changing. In the traditional model, getting older has always been associated with physical aging; the body breaking down, weakening and degenerating with every passing year.

This model is now being powerfully challenged. Advancements in our understanding of human longevity is re-writing the script, showing that aging is neither linear nor a factor of the passing years.

The new model categorises aging as non-linear; it can be slowed down, stopped and reversed. It shows that it is possible to get older without the body degenerating. It shows that at any age, lifestyles can be modified to reverse the process of aging. It also shows the monumental impact that a healthy diet, physical exercise, personal autonomy and meaning and purpose can have upon extending healthy, independent human longevity.

But more that all of this, the new model of aging is a consciousness based model. This model is proving that our bodies age as we get older primarily because we think they will. Our cells and organs are “plastic”, meaning they respond to the subtle but profound messages they receive from our conscious and sub-conscious thought and beliefs. This opens up unparalleled opportunities in fulfilment of healthy long life.

If we can change our thoughts, beliefs and expectations around human aging, we can alter the very way our DNA, cells and tissues function which allow these new attitudes to reach physical fruition in the body.

In a literal sense, this new model is one of mind not only over matter but over the very nature of aging. It shows how the body can self-repair and regenerate with each passing decade to facilitate vital youthfulness into our eighties and nineties  and hundreds. It also aims to empower us to re-perceive that our second half of life (years 50-100) should be as vital, independent and healthy as our first half of life (year 0-50).

Crucially, this new approach to human aging shares immense commonality with the Ayurvedic view of longevity.

Over the course of this 2-day interactive workshop, Sam Watts  will be fusing together an eclectic array of approaches that will overview:

  • A comprehensive discussion around the concept of conscious aging

  • The science demonstrating that aging is non-linear and reversible

  • The core lifestyle modifications that are most clinically link to human longevity

  • The role of our mind, thoughts and beliefs on physiological aging

  • The Ayurvedic approach to re-energising the body to reverse aging

  • Simple yet profound tools and techniques to tap into and mobilise conscious aging


During the workshop we will also be enjoying some specific activities to nurture both our consciousness and body to optimize wellness:

Vision Boarding with Beverley Gearey, from Mind Body Soul Too

During this session you will have the opportunity to put together a meaningful vision board. We will overview the purpose of this exercise and the power of manifestation, and each of you will have the chance to compile a meaningful vision board for your future. We look forward to the calming and spiritual input of Beverley who is one of our favourite spiritual soul’s. With a level head and a huge heart, we look forward to sharing Beverley’s authentic and empowering spirit with you all.

Yoga and Movement with Emma Owen Smith, from Green Door Yoga

The wonderful Emma from Green Door Yoga will be leading a gentle yoga session during our workshop, this will be a session suitable for all and will help us to connect mind and body to optimize longevity. Emma offers yoga classes around Bosham and Chichester, with a true Yogi approach and deep understanding of the importance of Yoga as a holistic practice.

We will also be enjoying meditation, a forest bath on the beautiful Chichester Harbour and hearty vegetarian food during the workshop with plenty of time or discussion and questions. 

Dates: Wed 1st of April and Thurs 2nd of April 2020, 10 - 5. 

Where: Cobnor Activity Centre, Chidham 

Cost: £130 PER PERSON including a vegetarian lunch on both days and refreshments

How To Book: Bookings can be made online via the SHOP page, or on 01243 69 66 57.


WHEN: April 1st and 2nd 2020


WHERE: Cobnor Activity Trust, Cobnor Point, Chidham, West Sussex, PO18 8TE




HOW TO BOOK: Please purchase a place via our SHOP or call 01243 69 66 57