Hamblin Trust Seminar 

Special Event with speakers Dr Sam Watts, James Ashby and Noel Raine.

Friday 21st April 1:45 - 5:00 & Saturday 22nd April 10:00-4:30 

Quantum Medicine and Esoteric Christianity. The message they have for us in the 21st Century.


We invite you to the very first Hamblin Trust seminar spread over a Friday afternoon and Saturday.  In this ground-breaking seminar, which illuminates the parallels between the messages of Quantum Medicine and Esoteric Christianity, Dr Sam Watts will explore Quantum Medicine and its place and relevance in today’s world. Dr Watts has studied the bodily processes of transmission of intent to physical function and how our thoughts and attitudes affect our bodies. It will be seen that this connection is as old as humanity itself and dovetails with Esoteric Christianity which has always held that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds and that our thoughts profoundly influence our lives.  


James Ashby has made a study of Jesus' deeper teachings, and how the original Aramaic, in which he spoke, can be translated to mean something much more personal and much more powerful for each one of us than traditional Christianity has promulgated. This amazing philosophy can be seen to be right in line with what quantum physicists are beginning to understand as our potential and as the root of our being.

James says: “We now know from the Gospel of Thomas and from other esoteric texts that Jesus’ philosophy and deepest teaching was how we all share in the Divine Being and how it is immanent within us as the Divine Spark and not separate from us.”


Sam says: “This same ‘Intelligence’ is mirrored in the body, each ‘system’ of the body being linked with every other; modern neuroscience has now unequivocally proved that each and every cell in the body is capable of generating ‘thoughts’ via the 
neuro-peptide chains. This suggests therefore that the body as a whole is thinking, intelligent and conscious and tapping into this inherent bodily consciousness may provide a new frontier in the optimisation of health and the treatment of disease and illness.”

On Saturday afternoon, Noel Raine will take this new understanding of our true selves and our inner power source to lead us as servers of mankind and of our planet to spread enlightenment, healing and peace to others who so desperately need it. 

Many spiritual teachers and esoteric organisations encourage aspirants on the spiritual path to grow through service, whatever form this may take. This is consistent with Jesus’ teaching to love your neighbour as yourself but, at the very highest level, this involves serving the planet as well. During this afternoon’s session, Noel will facilitate an exploration of what service means in this latter context and, in particular, the nature of Light Work. 

The session will be very practical and end with a guided visualisation and meditation intended to bathe the world in Light and Love to assist our beautiful planet through its own period of transformation.

This event includes a delicious lunch prepared by wholefood cook, Holly Watts.  This includes a plant-based vegetarian lunch of:  beetroot and feta bake, courgette slice, homemade hummus and crudités, roasted chickpea and buckwheat salad, bread, fresh fruit platter together with refreshments and healthy sugar-free cakes and sweet treats.


About the speakers:

Dr Sam Watts PhD, Di.Ayu, MSc.,Cert.Gi, BSc(Hons)

Sam currently works in cancer research at Southampton Hospital, primarily focusing in the optimisation of survivorship in prostate and ovarian cancer. His passion is in trying to understand the mechanisms that underpin exceptional health and longevity and how these can be utilised by everyone. Sam also practices Ayurvedic medicine which is a holistic system of health care that aims to treat each person as a whole to move them onto a path to optimal health and wellbeing.


James Ashby

James has been a seeker after spiritual truth for many years.  His practical experiences have been in the fundamental renovation of old buildings.   He also set up a company to buy, renovate and run the St Columba Hotel on the Isle of Iona. His studies of Jesus’ teachings and of early Christianity led him to realise that the churches have generally not considered the time as right yet for the promulgation of the esoteric, essentially personal aspect of Jesus' teachings, while most people are now ready, if not yearning for, that level understanding. James is a recent past Chairman of the trustees of The Hamblin Trust and initiated the Lodge Project.


Noel Raine

Noel has been a lifelong spiritual seeker, for many years a member of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and, from time to time, other mystical and esoteric organisations. The Rosicrucian Order is a worldwide mystical fraternity devoted to the study and practical application of natural and spiritual laws. By profession, Noel is an accountant and, before he retired, was responsible for financial management in a variety of organisations. Noel is the current Chairman of the trustees of The Hamblin Trust and, as well as facilitating the New Vision Light Workers group that meets at the Trust’s premises, he has been actively involved in developing The Hamblin Trust Lodge Project.

Cost:  £65 (£60 for members of the Hamblin Trust) 

Bookings via the Hamblin Trust - 01243 572 109

Includes lunch on Saturday.


WHEN: Fri 21st and Sat 22nd of Aprill

WHEREHamblin Trust Bosham 

COST: £65 (£60 for members of the Hamblin Trust)

TIME: 9:30-4:30

BOOKING: Please contact the Hamblin Trust to book your place on 01243 572 109