In-House Wellbeing Half-Day


Health and wellbeing are multifaceted constructs. To optimise health, we need a multifaceted approach.


Effectively managing stress will not move your workforce to a state of optimal health if they continue to eat a high fat, processed diet. Changing diet will not induce a state of optimal health in the absence of enough physical activity. The list goes one.


To optimise wellbeing we need to utilise an integrated model that addresses physical, emotional and psychological health.


Over the duration of this half-day wellbeing course, we will introduce a powerful and effective model of health that will provide your workforce with a variety of techniques and approaches that they can use to maximise their own health and wellbeing. A typical day includes:






















This course can be run in the convenience of your business’s current place of work; all we need is access to a seminar room or large office. This course can also be extended to a full day.


As an additional incentive, all attendees in our workplace wellness courses receive a 20%-off voucher for an individual one to one health consultation with one of our team of holistic health experts.


How To Book:

To discuss your requirements or to book an "In House Wellbeing Day", please complete the contact form below and one of our team will get back to you. 









8.00-9.00: Introductions and overview of our corporate health mode

9.00-9.30: Diet & Nutrition 1: juicing and blending for nutritional balance with tasting session

9.30-10.30: Managing Stress 1: Introduction to mindful meditation and practice session

10.30-11.00: Break with a variety of sugar free and nutritionally balanced health biscuits and cakes

11.00-12.00: Workday Wellness 1: boosting performance through supporting our natural ultradian rhythms with brief meditation techniques

12.00-13.00: Diet 2: Dietary modifications for optimal immunological health

13.00-13.30: Wind down and final discussion