Inner Freedom to Outer Joy

Starts April 12th 

Short lessons and meditations on Vedic Wisdom to unleash abundant freedom, bliss and joy.

The ancient spiritual wisdom traditions of Ayurveda provide a detailed roadmap to “optimal living;” that is, how to live a life that is full of abundant freedom, happiness and effortless ease. This time tested approach, that has a continuous history of use spanning over 5000 years, ultimately centres upon adopting simple approaches that allow us to connect with our true selves and our true values rather than those imposed upon us by the rampaging ego.

Ultimately, the Vedic wisdom traditions teach us that in order to be happy, we have to be free. Yet few in the West can claim to be free as we are constantly enslaved by the turmoil of the run-away mind. If we cannot effectively control our mind, then our capacity to control our lives is severely inhibited.

Thus self-mastery is viewed as the key to unlock a powerful and abundant sense of inner freedom that is completely detached from all of the concerns, anxieties and problems that exist in our lives. By learning to witness such problems rather than engage in them, we can learn to tap into the all-powerful Vedic construct of Detachment. Through doing so, we are able to free ourselves entirely from psychological, emotional and even physical suffering.

This 6-week immersion course will provide a detailed grounding in the core consciousness based tools, techniques and approaches that we can utilise in our day to day lives to tap into this inner-freedom that exists in each and every one of us and in doing so experience an abundance of peace, joy and bliss.

Each of the 6-weekly sessions will last for 1-hour and will include:

  • Refreshments and healthy wholefood snacks

  • A detailed overview of the key Vedic concepts relating to optimal living, detachment and inner-freedom, constructed around both the Vedic theories and also the modern, cutting edge quantum physics research which is increasingly supporting these concepts

  • A 30-minute group meditation using mantras and affirmations to tap into the content covered during the lesson

Date: Starting on Thurs 12th of April 2018

Time: 7:15pm - 8:15pm

Location: The Hamblin Trust, Main Road, Bosham

Cost: £60 per person