Meditation for Health - An introductory course for enhancing health and wellbeing


You can't open a magazine or newspaper without there being an article about the all-encompassing benefits of mindfulness meditation. As a result, meditation is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more people experience and understand the many health promoting benefits of regular meditation practice.  For example, regular meditation has been shown to:


  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Reduce heart rate

  • Increase lung capacity

  • Enhance digestion

  • Boost the immune system

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Lower depression

  • Reduce insomnia

  • Enhance feelings of calm and peace


But if you have never practiced before, where do you start? This 6-week programme will provide you will a comprehensive introduction to the practice of therapeutic meditation that will allow you to develop, maintain and feel comfortable sustaining your own practice after the completion of the course.


Over the 6-weeks you will learn


  • Week 1: The science behind the health benefits obtained through meditation and an introduction to breathing meditation.

  • Week 2: Guidelines for enhancing practice and mantra meditation

  • Week 3: Alpha and beta brainwaves and music meditation

  • Week 4: Developing and using affirmation meditations

  • Week 5: Ayurvedic meditation – using natural objects

  • Week 6: Meditating and daily life – immersion in nature**


** Typically meditation is practiced formally in the peace, quiet and privacy of your house or some other private location. However, there are few more invigorating and life affirming forms of meditation than those practiced outdoors whilst immersed in nature. Practicing meditation informally in this way also helps to embed the qualities of meditation whilst out and about in the real world. Therefore when the weather permits we will conduct the final session in a beautiful and secluded outdoor location, be that on the beach, in the South Downs or on one of many the secluded spots of Chichester Harbour. This forms an ideal way to complete your immersion in meditation and will help you to further embed the practices as you move forward beyond the course.









18th August for 6 consecutive weeks



Bracklesham Barn,

Beech Avenue

Bracklesham Bay


West Sussex

PO20 8NU



This course costs £80 per person and includes all instruction, a supporting workbook and a guided CD to help home practice.


HOW TO BOOK: To book onto this course please clikc HERE