Live Longer, Live Better
Saturday 9th June 2018
10:30 - 5pm

This unique one-day group-based workshop draws upon the latest, cutting-edge medical research to show you how to maximise your chances of living long, healthy and disease free lives.


There are geographical regions around the world where people live to be over 100 years of age at ten times the rate observed in the UK and America. Their people do so whilst maintaining independence and exceptional quality of life.


In these regions, the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and obesity are up to 75% lower than here in the UK.


However, the secrets to this exceptional longevity and health are not down to your genetic make-up but your lifestyle; the foods we eat, how we manage stress, the amount of exercise we get and the social support structures around us. In other words, things that we can learn to adapt and integrate into our own lives.


This unique course brings together the key research and evidence to empower you with all the information, recipes, tools and techniques you need to adopt these approaches into your own daily life.


Over the duration of the day you will:


  • Learn the science of longevity, ageing and health

  • Overview the evidence relating to the impact of adopting a protocol on health, wellbeing and longevity

  • Learn the importance of diet in optimising health and longevity

  • Learn the key components of the longevity diet

  • Learn the importance of finding meaning, purpose and direction in your life and how this impacts upon health and longevity.

  • Learn about the important role that stress plays in inducing disease and overview some simple evidence-based approaches to minimise and manage stress

  • Develop a fully bespoke “Longevity Protocol” customised to your own life

  • Receive a longevity recipe booklet overviewing a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that utilise the key ingredients from the longevity diet



The course will run from 10:30-5pm on Saturday 9th of June 2018. The cost per day is £60.00 which includes course material, lunch and refreshments.


WHEN: Saturday June 9th, 2018


WHERE: Birdham Village Hall 


COST: £60


TIME: 10:30 - 5pm


BOOKING: Please purchase a place via our SHOP or call 01243 276 916