Living Beyond the Brain

Sunday 29th of April, Hamblin Trust, Bosham

2:30 - 5:30pm  

An explosion of cutting edge Western research is showing that consciousness is rapidly becoming the new frontier of health and healing, opening up new, unimagined possibilities with regards to disease prevention, healing and longevity.

During this unique interactive seminar, we will be exploring this research to overview:

  • What is consciousness?

  • The science proving that consciousness exists outside of the brain and body

  • How consciousness impacts upon health, healing and longevity

  • How to harness consciousness

  • How to live lives that are free, abundant and blissful by tapping into consciousness

Bringing together research from an eclectic range of sources including modern neuroscience, Ayurvedic philosophy and consciousness based research, the aim of this workshop is to provide you with a series of time tested tools to powerfully unleash consciousness into your daily lives.

Includes Refreshments and a snack. 


WHEN: Sunday 29th April 

WHERE: Hamblin Trust, Bosham

COST: £25 per person 

TIME: 2:30 - 5:30

BOOKING: Please book via our shop page