Menopause: An Evidenced Based Management Plan

Wed 20th of November at 19:30


The peri-menopause and full menopause can be a challenging time; the evidence suggests that over 85% of women experience significant physical, emotional and sexual symptoms during this period of transition.

However, the evidence also shows that it is more that possible to go through peri-menopause and full menopause not in just in the absence of symptoms but with a profound level of health, energy and vitality.

Drawing on a wide variety of evidence-based approaches from the field of integrative medicine, this free 1-hour Facebook Live will overview some key tools, techniques, herbs and supplements that can be safely used to manage and prevent the primary symptoms of the menopause. Please follow our facebook page Mind Body Medical, and be online on Wednesday 20th of November at 19:30. 




WHEN: Wed 20th of November

WHERE: Facebook 

COST: Free 

TIME: 19:30 

BOOKING: No Booking Necessary.