Herbal Medicine Tutor Session

Wed 26th February 

Are you ready to take your knowledge, understanding and confidence in the safe and effective use of herbal medicines to the next level?

If so, then our unique Herbal Medicine Tutor sessions provide the perfect platform to do so.

Delivered online via Zoom to allow you to learn from the comfort and convenience of your own home, each tutor session will provide detailed training and learning around the following topic areas:

Herb Profile: Each month we will select one herbal medicine and discuss it in detail. We will overview its history of use, the clinical, spiritual and cultural aspects of the herb, the energetics of the herb and its clinical indications and contraindications for use. We will also provide an overview of how to use the herb with full dosing information.

Herbal Recipes: Each month you will get specific and detailed herbal recipes to help you incorporate the chosen herb into you life and diet. These will take the form of culinary recipes, tonics, drinks, herbal ghees, herbal honey, syrups etc.


Ailment Management Plans: Each month we will select a seasonally relevant ailment and provide a detailed, evidence-based and tried and tested herbal management plan to give you the knowledge to confidently manage your health and that of your friends and family.


Herbal Foraging and Medicine Making: Each month will select one wild herbal medicine that is in season to forage. We will overview where to find the herb, how to safely identify it, how to prepare and use it and its indications and contraindications for use. We will also provide herbal recipes that will allow you to use the herbs you forage.

Q&As: The 2-hour session will be fully interactive, allowing you to ask questions around issues specific to you and your learning.


February Session - Wed 26th Feb at 7:30 

Herb Profile: This month we will focus on arguably the most important herd in the Ayurvedic formulary, Ashwaghanda. This incredible herb has so many uses and benefits, and is so well suited to buffering against the stressors of daily life, that it needs to be a key component of any home herbal dispensary. This month we will overview the history of Ashwaghanda, its use within Ayurvedic medicine, the types of problems and conditions it can help with and how best to use it.


Herbal Recipes: Due to its popularity within Ayurveda, there are so many wonderful and tasty ways of integrating Ashwaghanda into your daily life. In this month’s session, we will overview three amazing recipes that include:

  • Ashwaghanda Chai

  • Ashwaghanda Laddus (traditional Ayurvedic sweets; our favourite recipe!)

  • Ashwaghanda Vitality Energy Balls

Ailment Management Plans: This month we will focus on an issue that effects over 80% of the UK population; SAD syndrome. With less sunlight hours and less time outdoors, it is very easy for our levels of mood, vitality and energy to drop. We will overview what SAD is and overview some simple yet powerful treatments to manage it.

Herbal Foraging and Medicine Making:  This is an exciting time of the year for foraging as it marks the beginning of the foraging season that runs through until October, during which time there is an abundance of wild and organic herbal medicines to collect and prepare. This month we will turn our attention to the famed Nettle. We will overview the medicinal properties of this herb, how to prepare it and give you some wonderful recipes to allow you to use it.

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WHEN: Feb 26th, 7:30pm 

COST: £12.99 per person

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