Optimal Wellbeing Healing Retreat

5 Days



Optimal Wellness is ideal for anyone who is interested in:


  • Learning how to manage persistent or chronic health conditions

  • Learing how to relax and step back from the frenetic pace of everyday life.

  • Learning how to manage pain and fatigue

  • Establishing a healing routine that can be built into their everyday life

  • Immersing themselves in a nurturing healing environment

  • Spending a week away to fully re-charge, rejuvenate and revitalize

  • Learning how to meditate deeply

  • Learning how to use a variety of healing approaches such as aromatherapy, visualization, yoga, massage and detoxification techniques

  • Moving from a state of ill-health to a state of optimal and ongoing wellness


What will I learn and experience throughout this retreat?


By attending this retreat you will develop a much deeper understanding of your own unique mind-body constitution and the healing techniques, approaches and routines that can be effectively employed to reinstate a sense of balance and wellbeing into your life.


The aim of this retreat is to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and reconnected to what really matters whilst immersing you in the practice of integrated self-care that will allow you to effectively enhance and manage your health after the completion of the course.




Throughout this soothing and eye-opening retreat you will:


  • Learn a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques and approaches

  • Receive a variety of therapeutic clinical massage treatments

  • Receive an individual health consultation and follow-up

  • Receive a detailed health protocol

  • Learn how to utilize a variety of healing techniques such as aromatherapy, diet and nutritional modification, self-massage and stress management approaches

  • Develop a deep sense of calm, peace and centeredness

  • Learn how to proactively manage your health and wellbeing into the future after the completion of the retreat




Dates, Locations and Prices


Our 2014 retreat season is now over.


Dates, locations and prices of our 2015 UK and European Optimal Wellness retreats will be released shortly. Please contact us on info@mind-body-medical.co.uk to register your interest.





Are you feeling stressed out, tense, anxious or worried? Do you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Are you struggling with pain? Are you living with a difficult chronic condition?


If so, it’s time to move beyond these problems and towards a state of Optimal Wellbeing.


Combining the wisdom of the Eastern healing arts with the best in modern Western mind-body medicine, our Optimal Wellbeing retreat is a total mind-body healing experience. During your stay, you will not only feel pampered, revitalized and empowered - you will also learn tools and techniques that you can immediately use to cultivate physical health and emotional wellbeing when you return home.


Our Optimal Wellbeing retreat is offered exclusively at the award winning Pusseyntut Health Retreat Centre in Toulouse, South West France, nestled amongst scented pine forests and rolling lavender fields. When you're not enjoying healing therapies, private consultations, meditations, or instructional sessions, you can relax in the luxury pool area or enjoy the stunning local scenery, guided walks or horse riding excursions.


In this beautiful, soothing environment, you will feel your stress and tension melt away as our highly trained team help you restore balance and address your personal health and life concerns.


The Optimal Wellbeing retreat is a therapeutic marriage of Western mind-body medicine and the ancient Eastern principles of Ayurveda - a powerful natural healing system that originated in India 5,000 years ago. Mind-Body Medical has developed a modernized system of Ayurveda that blends its timeless wisdom with the most advanced insights of modern science.


Over the course of the Optimal Wellbeing retreat you will experience the only mind-body healing program in the UK that combines an expert staff of holistic doctors, Ayurvedic practitioners, naturopaths and mind-body medicine experts. Through these experts you will receive instruction in yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, healing essential oils and natural herbs to purify and nurture you at the deepest cellular level, along with therapeutic massage treatments and educational sessions such as Ayurvedic cooking, mandala meditation, mindfulness practice and diet and nutritional advice. Enjoy extended opportunities to tap into the rejuvenating power of silence, inner reflection and immersion in nature.


The aim of the Optimal Wellbeing retreat is to leave you physically revitalized and emotionally empowered to move beyond any pain, anxiety or chronic health conditions you are experiencing and forward into a state of deep seated optimal wellbeing.