Chyawanprash is a pure, authentic and natural Ayurvedic rejuvenative Indian health tonic. Chyawanprash has been cherished for over 5000 years as an elixir of life.

Ayurveda Pura London’s Chyawan Pura is made to an authentic Ayurvedic recipe in a labour of love lasting several days.

Using only the highest quality ingredients available from the Himalayas and other regions. Comprised of over 35 natural ingredients such as fruits, herbs and spices, including Amla (Indian Gooseberry), one of the most potent sources of Vitamin C and other multivitamins.

We believe that Ayurveda Pura's Chyawan Pura is the purest, finest quality and tastiest in the world. It can be enjoyed by the whole family and, unlike many other Chyawanprash brands, even kids love it!

Chyawanprash has been used for thousands of years as an alternative medicine to revitalise the mind and body and has become an essential remedy for a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda Pura's Chyawan Pura is a "must-have" essential food supplement that is not only good for you, but tastes great too! It is prepared in accordance with a special authentic Ayurvedic formulation in a process lasting several days, so that its beneficial effects are maximised. Vegan and vegetarian approved!

For maximum benefit take 1-2 teaspoons of this sweet, tangy jam twice a day. You can eat Chyawanprash straight from the spoon, spread it on toast, add it to your favourite herbal tea or mix it with warm milk to make a deliciously tasty drink.

Chyawan Pura Chyawanprash - 500g