A Powerful 12-Day Ayurvedic Cleansing Regime to Detoxify, Rejuvenate and Re-Energise The Total Therapeutic Cleanse is a therapeutically powerful yet gentle on the body detoxification programme that has been designed and developed using the most rigorous scientific research to ensure optimal results with a minimum of time and effort.​


The Total Therapeutic Cleanse has been specifically designed to help you:

Lose weight Increase energy and vitality

Strengthen immunity to infections

Optimise mood and prevent mood swings

Optimise sleep to ensure you awaken feeling refreshed and energised

Strip disease promoting environmental toxins out of the body

Optimise digestion


The Total Therapeutic Cleanse Packages​


The Standard Package £79.99 + P&P​


This incudes your cleanse  downlaodable workbook which has step by step instructions for completing the cleanse along with all of the information needed. It also includes all of the herbal medicines recommended to maximize the therapeutic benefits of the Total Therapeutic Cleanse. These will be posted out to you the week before the cleanse. 


NB - Don't have a printer or would prefer a hardcopy of the cleanse workbook? Then make sure you select the hardcopy workbook option.  


These include:​

Organic Propriety Herbal Infusion: This proprietary herbal tea has been designed and constructed to help to thin and stimulate the flow of bile, thus helping to de-stagnate the bile and pancreatic ducts whilst facilitating the more effective digestion of fats. This herbal formula also helps to curb sugar cravings and to slow the absorption of sugar into the blood stream.


Organic Triphala: In Ayurvedic medicine, Triphala is the most revered of all the herbal formulas. Made up of equal parts of three super-fruits, it is traditionally used for maintaining an optimal digestive system and to help combat digestive sluggishness, constipation, bloating, gas, abdominal pain, indigestion, gastric inflammation and general gut-based toxicity.


Milk Thistle: Milk Thistle is perhaps the most powerful liver protecting and liver stimulating herbal medicine in the world. Optimising the functioning of the liver is a fundamental component of the Total Therapeutic Cleanse to maximise our eliminative and detoxifying mechanisms


Organic Ashwagandha: Whilst the Total Therapeutic Cleanse is primarily working to detoxify the physical body, it is also vital that we give our emotional self a rest and re-boot. Ashwagandha is one of the most revered tonic herbs in Ayurvedic medicine and helps to induce deep relaxation and calmness. It is also a powerful immune-stimulant and anti-inflammatory which helps to keep the body fit, strong and healthy


Organic Turmeric Capsules: Turmeric has a fundamental role to play in supporting the role and functioning of the intestinal villi. Villi are finger like projections that line the walls of the gut, increasing the overall surface area of the gut so that it can absorb more nutrients. However, the villi also play a key role in clearing toxins from within the gut. Turmeric is an Ayurvedic wonder herb for restoring the functioning and effectiveness of the intestinal villi and as such forms a vital role in the Total Therapeutic Cleanse ​​​



The Gold Package: £99.99 + posting and packaging


The Gold Package includes everything contained within the standard package with some of the core ingredients for the cleanse:​


Pure Natural Ghee

230g Yellow mustard seeds

25g Curry Powder, mild

25g Organic ground cumin

1 kg Organic Mung Beans

1kg Organic Basmati Rice


Adherence to detoxification programmes has been shown to be higher when completed as part of a group. To facilitate this we will be running regular group cleanses to help support you. All packages will recieve an invitation to join our group cleanse which is starting on Jan 20th 2020. This group cleanse will be hosted on Facebook and will be a way to help and support you through the cleanse, with videos, advice, daily tips and support.

Total Therapeutic Cleanse Package