Guduchi: The Divine Nectar of Ayurveda

June 3, 2018


Guduchi, one of the most powerful and revered herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. The literal translation from the Sanskrit is “Divine Nectar” or “That Which Protects the Body”, both of which provide a clear insight into the many and varied benefits of this wonder herb.

Its primary function is as an immune system stimulant; its helps to enhance collective immunity within the body, preventing infections, fighting off infections, relieving respiratory infections, coughs, colds, flu and sinusitis. At this time of the year when such issues are extremely common, Guduchi is our first port of call to keep our immune system in tip top condition.

Aside from its immune enhancing benefits, Guduchi is also clinically indicated for managing fatigue, increasing energy and improving overall levels of vitality. Similarly, as an adaptogenic herb, it increases the body’s tolerance of and resilience to stress, both physically and emotionally.

Guduchi also has a powerful affinity with the gut and digestive system. It helps to promote good bacteria in the gut, thus positively impacting upon the microbiome and the immune system and positive hormonal changes that come with this. It is a powerful detoxifier, helping to strip Ama (the Ayurvedic definition of toxins), from the entire gastro-intestinal tract. It also helps to mobilise body fat. As one of the primary anti-inflammatories within the Ayurvedic pharmacy, it is indicated for all inflammatory condition, particularly those in the digestive tract such as gastritis, acidity, reflux and ulcers.

Importantly, Guduchi is classified as being Tri-Doshic, meaning that it can be taken by everyone without creating constitutional aggravations.

In terms of dosage, as a daily tonic to tap into the above benefits, an optimal dose would be between 1-3 capsules per day. Whilst being an incredibly safe botanical, please seek the guidance of your health care professional if you are under medical supervision, taking any form of conventional medication, have liver or kidney disorders, are pregnant or breast feeding.

Due to the many and varied benefits of this powerful herb, it forms one of the most integral and essential components of the Ayurvedic medicine first aid box. Enjoy and be well!

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