One to One Cancer Survivorship Programme

June 3, 2018


The Cancer Survivorship Programme will give you the knowledge, expertise and resources to better manage the unique psychological, physical and emotional side effects of your diagnosis and treatment.


Much research over the last few years has shown that individuals who undertake the techniques and approaches we advocate, see substantial improvements in a variety of physical and psychological states such as reduced levels of depression and anxiety, enhanced immune function, lower stress levels, reduced levels of fatigue, enhanced levels of fitness and vitality, enhanced coping skills, better responses to and recovery from treatment and a general increase in functional quality of life.


The emotional and psychological impact of cancer is often treated as a separate issue to the physical side of cancer, however we believe that the mind and the body are linked in a way that is often overlooked by conventional medicine and that all aspects of a person’s health, both physically and mentally need to be treated in order to manage cancer and activate a physiological response to cancer treatment. Global research continues to show that adopting lifestyle changes and complementary therapies is  hugely beneficial and alongside conventional medicine, therapies such as the ones included in the Cancer Survivorship Programme has the capacity to maximise each individuals chances of living a long and healthy life.


By holistically approaching their cancer treatment patients will be better placed to make a recovery, prevent a recurrence or manage the physical impact of treatments.


The One to One Cancer Survivorship Programme consists of 8 core one to one sessions with Dr Sam Watts, a leading researcher in the field of complementary care. These sessions can take place at one of the clinics listed here or alternatively home visit may be possible depending on location. During these sessions that will last 60 minute you will be mentored in a number of complementary therapies.


During the programme you will:


  • Identifying and managing stress

  • Learn how to identify negative thought processes

  • Learn how to deeply relax both the body and mind utilising approaches such as mindfulness based meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Develop quick, easy and proven techniques to manage stress, anxiety and fear in clinical settings such as during treatment, before and during doctor’s appointments and undertaking scans.

  • Learn how to develop positive affirmations.

  • Learn the importance of goal setting.

  • Learn the techniques of guided mental imagery as a tool to induce both a state of deep relaxation and as a tool to help boost the effectiveness of your immune system, a vital tool in your body’s ability to fight cancer.

  • Learn the science behind the proven anti-cancer diet, overviewing which foods assist cancer and which food types inhibit their growth and development at a cellular level.

  • Understand the importance of physical activity in cancer recovery 


Following the 8 one to one sessions, patients would be welcome to book additonal sessions on a one to one basis  for extra support, refresher courses or physical massage treatments if they felt it would be of benefit.


In our experience the ideal time for patients to embark on the Cancer Survivorship Programme is after they have completed their individual conventional treatments. Whilst many of the complementary therapies are very useful during treatment, we do find that the physical and mental strain of chemotherapy and radiotherapy means that patients are unable to commit to the complementary therapies at what can be a very stressful and draining time.


The one to one Cancer Survivorship Package include 8 one to one sessions, workbooks and notes, meal plans and recipes. The total cost for the one to one Cancer Survivorship Programme is £395, extra charges may be incurred for travel and time if outside of a reasonable travel distance from the West Sussex/Hampshire area.


Patients who are not based within a reasonable disance of Chichester, West Sussex may want to consider our Residential Cancer Survivorship Programme, where we can adapt the programme to be completed in 7 days. More details on the residential package can be found here.


To discuss our one to one Cancer Survivorship Programme package in more detail please call us on 01243 276 916 or email us on

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