Reducing the toxin level in our homes.

June 3, 2018





In our fast paced, mass produced, convenience lead lives there is a mass of toxins being absorbed by our bodies daily. 


With so many risks and warnings it is sometime really difficult to work out what changes are worthwhile and how you can make simple changes in  your home for the better.


Here are three things that we do, in our home: 


1. Turn off the wi-fi.

We turn off the wi-fi each evening and have it off until the morning (we recently invested in a timer plug, as we kept forgetting!) If possible, you can put the router in one of the less used spaces in your home to minimize exposure. The risks of wi-fi are yet to be proven so limiting our exposure when the internet is not needed, is a simple change.


2. We avoid plastic as much as possible, particularly for cooking and food.

The chemicals in plastics (primarily BPA) will leech into your food and then into your body creating free-radical damage to your cells. In particular any heat used with the plastics will increase the the toxicity of your food. 

Ready meal containers are one of the biggest risks, so decant your food into ceramic containers before cooking it. We are converting most of our plastic cups and containers to stainless steel as budget allows, and never give our children hot drinks or food in plastic, we have the occasional breakage with ceramic of course, but it's a safer option. 


3. Ditch the teflon 

On high heat, Teflon releases at least 6 toxic gases. This is truly astounding! Cast iron or stainless steel is ideal for everyday cooking, and will last for a very long time too.  So if you can then make the change to safer cooking equipment but in the meantime try to keep any teflon usage to a minimum, the fact that most school uniforms are coated in teflon is another worrying matter entirely! 

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