Why We Need to Detox and How

December 3, 2019

There are many reasons to undertake a full body cleanse, but all of these can be umbrellaed under the fact that we live in a toxic world. Many areas of the UK have levels of airborne toxicity that exceed European safety levels. The food we eat is laced with such a high level of agricultural toxicity that these embed themselves into the very physiology of the fruits and vegetables we eat. New research is showing that microplastics are so endemic in our food chain that huge concentrations of these are now entering our bodies on a daily basis. Our foods are laced with dangerous levels of BPA and other petro-chemicals, many of which have been shown to have powerful hormone damaging properties. In short, the world we live in and the air we breathe is saturated with a level of toxicity than is unparalleled in our history.




And this is the key point; whilst it is true that our bodies have highly effective detoxification processes that work on a daily basis to clear these toxins from our body, it is vital to remember that these detoxification pathways evolved in a clean world. In other words, for 99% of our evolution, all the way up to the turn of the Industrial Revolution, the levels of toxicity we were exposed to were so minimal that our bodies could easily, effectively and efficiently clear these toxins from our body.


However, in the face of the toxicity onslaught we currently face, our inherent detoxification pathways are having to constantly work on overtime and through doing so they eventually become less effective, resulting in the build-up of toxins in the body and the development of toxicity induced symptoms which commonly include:


  • Waking up tired even after a good night sleep

  • Fatigue and lethargy

  • Weight gain

  • Having a white, furry coating on the tongue

  • Loss of appetite or excessive appetite

  • Suffering from generalised aches and pains

  • Cognitive fuzziness/lack of mental clarity

  • Feeling heavy and slow

  • Feeling weary or unenthusiastic

  • Suffering from frequent indigestion, bloating, gas or heartburn

  • Feeling blocked anywhere; constipation, sinus congestion etc.

The aim of all cleanse and detoxification programmes, irrespective of their structure, is to kick start the body’s natural detoxification processes over a short period of time to allow the body to “dump” the accumulated toxins out of the body.


What Exactly Are Toxins?


Because cleanse and detoxification programmes have become so popular in recent years, so in turn has the concept of “toxins.” But what do we actually mean by toxins?


In short, the term toxin refers to any externally (exogenous) ingested compounds (for example pesticides) or internally (endogenous) produced compounds (for example ineffectively synthesised hormones) that build up in the body and create an overload. The actual number of pollutants, chemicals, additives and compounds that are classified as toxins are over-whelming in number.


However, in terms of our health, WHERE the toxins come from is far less important and relevant than where they END UP once they enter into our body. In that sense, there are two types of toxins:


1. Water soluble toxins: These are of far less importance and significance as we are incredibly effective at clearing and flushing water-soluble toxins from our body. Water soluble toxins are “not stubborn.” In other words they don’t get deeply lodged into our fat cells (see below) but rather are easily and readily flushed out of the body via our kidneys.


2. Fat Soluble Toxins: These are the toxins that create the symptoms of toxicity in the body and are the ones we need to work hard to clear. Whenever the liver (our primary organ of detoxification) is over-burdened, it diverts the build-up of toxins into the blood stream from where they lodge into the areas of the body with a high concentration of fat cells, such as the thighs, hips, tummy and even the brain. These then become “stubborn” toxins as once lodged into our fat cells, they are incredibly hard to mobilise and clear from the body.


Virtually every well-constructed cleanse or detoxification plan is designed to flush fat-soluble toxins from the body. The crucial thing to know is that:


It is the effectiveness by which the detoxification process clears fat soluble toxins from the body that will inform how effective the cleanse is and how well you feel afterwards.


It is therefore vital to ask the question:


Once the fat-soluble toxins are pulled from the fat cells, where do they go and how are the excreted from the body?


The reason we store fat-soluble toxins in the first place is because our bodies were unable to digest them. Thus if we effectively pull fat-soluble toxins from fat cells but then don’t help the body to digest and excrete them, they will simply be re-absorbed into other fat cells. It is akin to pushing peas around a plate.


Thus for a cleanse to be effective it has to do two things: 1) optimise digestion so that we can effectively clear fat-soluble toxins from the body once they are mobilised and then 2) actually mobilise the fat-soluble toxins from within the fat cells so that they can be processed and excreted from the body via the stool.


To help you achieve this, we have developed and refined, over many years, the Total Therapeutic Cleanse. This is a Facebook delivered 12-day group based Ayurvedic cleanse using clean eating, whole food nutrition, powerful herbal medicines and a variety of digestion optimising protocols to powerfully clear fat-soluble toxins from the body to leave us feeling fit, clean, vital and healthy.


So if you are looking to start 2020 with a bang, clear the Christmas excess and re-energise your body, our next 12-day Total Therapeutic Cleanse, starting on January 20th, will provide you with all the of guidance, resources, daily motivation, group support and structure you need to do so. To find our more, click HERE

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