Talk: Quantum Healing:

The New Frontier of Medicine 

Sat 15th of September 

9:30 - 13:00

Westbourne Parish Hall

When it comes to health, there are literally hundreds of questions that conventional medicine and science cannot answer. For example, why do some terminal cancer 
patients experience complete remission of their disease and what allows for this “clinical impossibility” to occur?


Why is it that placebos are capable of reversing arthritis, increasing immunity and lowering blood pressure when they are wholly inert? How is it possible that something as simple as meditation can change the speed at which our bodies age at the genetic level? What processes are at play when we tap into the rare but highly powerful “sixth sense” that protects and forewarns us of some imminent threat?


To date, there is no single unifying theoretical model to explain what allows the human body to induce these inexplicable occurrences except that provided by quantum physics.


Drawing from a wide variety of sources including conventional neuro-science, Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy and Eastern spiritual traditions, hear Dr Sam Watts provide a comprehensive overview of how quantum physics can be used to radically transform our physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Refreshments including healthy sugar-free and gluten-free cakes and snacks available. 



Cost: £25.00 per person 

Location: Westbourne Parish Hall 

Time: 9:30 arrival for a 9:45 start - we expect to finish at 13:00

WHEN: Sat 15th of September

WHERE: Westbourne Parish Hall

COST: £25 per person, includes morning tea

TIME: 9:30 - 13:00

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