Our Weekend Wellness Retreat is an unforgettable getaway where you will learn how to optimise health and wellbeing and find peace and contentment through immersion in the practice of meditation and integrative medicine.


Come for a weekend and leave refreshed, renewed, and reconnected to what really matters with the tools to help you maintain health, wellbeing and balance forwards into the future.


After spending your days immersed in healing, self-discovery and reflection, spend your evenings exploring the breathtaking facilities of the award winning Champneys Health Resort at Forest Mere in Hampshire, an unrivalled luxury lakeside spa nestled in an ancient Royal forest.













Weekend Wellness




Weekend Wellness is ideal for anyone who is interested in:


  • Learning how to meditate

  • Establishing a healing routine

  • Learn about healing nutrition

  • Spending a fun, meaningful weekend with their friends








What will I learn and experience throughout this retreat?


When you attend Weekend Wellness you will develop a strong meditation practice that will give you the gift of feeling refreshed, revitalized and reconnected to what really matters. Through group work and guided workshops and practical sessions you will also receive a detailed immersion in the practice of integrated self-care techniques that will allow you to effectively enhance and manage your health after the completion of the course.










Throughout this unique retreat you will:


  • Develop a strong meditation practice

  • Practice the seven spiritual laws of success

  • Calm your mind and find peace and contentment

  • Discover your unique mind-body constitution

  • Learn how you can balance your life through diet, exercise, healing routines and relaxation training

  • Return home with an embedded daily practice and a renewed sense of wellbeing






Dates, Locations and Prices


Our 2014 retreat season is now over.


Dates, locations and prices of our 2015 Weekend Wellness retreats will be released shortly.  Please contact us to register your interest.