Winter Wellness Online Seminar

How to keep fit, strong and healthy during the challenging winter months

Tuesday Oct 22nd - 7:30pm (London Time)

The coming of winter brings many health challenges; colds, infections, coughs, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and chest infections to name just a few. Yet modern research tells us that the body is more than capable of protecting us from these seasonal risks if it is provided with the support it needs.

Our Winter Wellness interactive seminar will provide a detailed overview of how we can integrate small changes to our lifestyle and daily routines that can have a profound effect upon our body’s ability to protect us from winter infections.

Over the course of this 2-hour seminar we will:

  • Overview simple dietary approaches that increase our nutrient consumption and assimilation

  • Learn how to boost the effectiveness of our immune system

  • Learn how to integrate simple lifestyle practices to prevent infections taking hold

  • Overview a selection of herbal approaches to both prevent and fight infections

  • Overview the role of vitamin and mineral supplementation

When -

Tues Oct 22nd - 7:30pm (London Time)

Where - 

Via Zoom. A stable internet connection is needed. 

Cost - 

£12.50 per person

How to Book - 

Register online via our SHOP page